The Bowel

 KIRI CRAW’s body was never found.

 Only three living people know the truth of what happened to her: JOSS HOLDEN, her jock boyfriend; IAN FANE, the spiritual fanatic incarcerated for her disappearance; and DEXTER CRAW, her mentally disturbed brother who furiously insists Joss’s testimony against Ian is a lie.

 No one believes him.

But when Ian is released and Joss’s loved ones begin to die around him—systematically, brutally, mercilessly—the tables turn. Inundated by dark visions of the slayings and the morbid details of Dexter’s death, Joss looks past the accusatory fingers pointed at Ian to uncover a twisted, ritualistic realm of the occult in which Dexter had enveloped his poisoned mind. As the grisly death toll mounts, Joss and his friends find themselves trapped in a plague of supernatural vengeance, where the secret Joss has kept hidden for so long may be the only escape—a dark piece to this sadistic puzzle warded safely within the confines of a demonic tomb known as The Bowel.


The Cast: 

Ellery Alexis

Ellery Alexis

Actor | Comedian | Model

More About Ellery

Actor | Comedian | Model | Screenwriter | Standup | Sketch and Improv Coach | Filmmaker | Athlete | Bodybuilder | Singer

His Modeling And Cinematic background range from: Fraternity Boy, College Jock, Extraterrestial, United States Football Player, Basketball, Baseball, Track and Field. Big El has been The Leader of various Improv troupes, including The Unpredictables, and The Unlikely Strikes, in addition to various Sketch Comedy Troupes. Originally doing Musical Theatre and regular Theatre, in The United States and Europe. Ellery got his bare bones on Comedy, while studying with The Groundlings School of Improv. Also under the mentoring of Greg Dean, (Greg also mentored Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams.) for Standup. Additionally The Ellman was mentored by Paul Lander(Writer of various Sitcoms, and writes for various comedians.) The Ellman’s Standup has been Streaming on XM Satellite Radio. Big E’s Comedy Show, The Ellery Alexis Show. Among some of The Hollywood Clubs, his show has appeared: The Comedy Store, The Comedy Union, The Ice House and more…….Some of the guests that have appeared on his show: Kira Soltanovich(The Girl in The Photo Booth. On The Tonight Show, with Jay Leno, and much more), Steve Mittleman, (The Tonight Show, Letterman, Comedy Central, and Cinema). Lastly, The Ellman is the creator, co-writer, and co-Lead of NorthSiders, a sitcom in development, as well as co-owner/Chief Executive Officer of Shire Productions, and owner of Ellecurve fitness. The Ellman is Daringly innovative! Hosting and performing on The Ellery Alexis Show (Standup Streaming on XM Satellite Radio), consisting of unusual, and bizarre comedy plus more! Others are: The Funk Improv and Sketch of The Unpredictables! The Spectacular Ventriloquism of Christine Barger and Friends! Hypnotist Chuck Tyler! Penetrating Vocalists: Roxxy Floyd and “The Babe!”.

Liz Giran

Liz Giran

Actress | Model

More About Liz

•Actress •Comedian •Model •Writer •Producer •Director •Athlete •Co-Owner/President of Operations of Shire Productions

Elizabeth Giran better known as Liz Giran was born in the summer of 1985. The third child out of 4. Her background is Filipino and Spaniard. She’s married and has one child. She’s been an athlete since the age of 10, participating in: track and field, basketball, and swimming. She now competes as a figure bodybuilder and has been successful in achieving placements with all shows she’s competed at. She’s nationally qualified and going for her pro card. She’s the co-owner of LG Fitness ( She also is the Co-owner/President of Operations for Shire Productions. She’s worked on several films and commercials and can be found at imbd under Elizabeth Giran. Her petite figure and youthful look can fool you for the strength she truly possesses mentally and physically but is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever come across. She loves to dance and loves music of all genres. She enjoys working out and weight-lifting and takes full pride in doing so. Liz is a family oriented person and spends her free time with family every chance she gets.


Cara Jade Myers

Cara Jade Myers

Actress | Comedian

More About Cara

I was born in Phoenix, AZ, but was quickly relocated to Tulsa, OK where I spent the first five years of my life running around the house with 15 dogs. After my parents divorced, my mom and I moved to Prescott Valley, Arizona where she met my step dad whom she divorced twelve years later. Growing up was rough, but luckily I met my very stable and very supportive husband, Josh, my senior year of high school. After graduation we moved to Tucson, AZ to attend The University of Arizona together. We became engaged and in 2004 we were
married. I quickly realized I hated school, which was a surprise to me because I was always on the honor roll. So with too much student debt, I dropped out. Done with Tucson, Josh and I moved back to our home town, Prescott Valley and got ‘normal jobs’.

Depressed and unsure what to do with myself, my intelligent husband asked me a simple question, “What do you WANT to do?” When I answered
acting he replied, “Then do it.” After coming up with a ton of excuses of why I can’t, he gave me a stern look and said, “Figure it out, because I’m not putting up with you being a pain in my ass anymore.” Extremely insulted I said “Fine” and then sat down at my computer to being my journey.

After signing with a local agency, I landed my first regional commercial, which is still running eight years later! I enrolled in as many classes as I could afford and drove 2 hours each way 3-4 times a week to Phoenix. I was running on fumes but loved it. One day my mom returns from Vancouver, BC and tells me there’s a Native American network in Canada, and there are a lot of acting jobs up there. So without much research Josh and I packed up and moved to Bellingham, WA, right in-between Seattle and Vancouver. Quickly I realized this wasn’t a smart acting move because it takes more than wanting to act to work in Canada. So with a bunch of down time, I joined an adult cheer team. For a year and a half Josh and I lived in Washington, and we loved it. I knew I had to make the choice to continue to pursue acting or stay with my new
friends in a town I loved.

In June of 2011 Josh and I loaded up a moving truck and made our way to Burbank, CA our new home town. I hit the ground running as soon as I got here. Within two weeks I had my first audition which lead to my first job in LA. I began taking seminars and talking to fellow actors to learn the ropes. At the end of July I booked my first feature, in August I booked my first web-series. In October I enrolled in Carter Thor Studio, under the direction of Alice Carter. I learn so much every class, I’m constantly inspired. By December I signed on to a TV series, and another feature, that will
begin filming soon.

In a short time of being here, I realized producing your own work is very important and in February 2012, I produced the pilot episode of T-WATS, with a full season planned. I have many projects in pre-production, including a play I hope to have ready in the fall, and a few more web-series. I’ve always been interested in modeling, so in my spare time I find photo shoots to entertain myself. Mainly, I like to write and work on future projects. I’m constantly excited for what’s around the corner and that excitement keeps me motivated
and moving forward.

Janine Gateland

Janine Gateland

Actress | Comedian | Model

More About Janine

Janine is originally from Yorkshire, in the North of England and she now resides in Los Angeles. She started dancing at the age of 7 and has been performing ever since! She has gone on to appear in many successful theater productions which included Ducking Smith in ‘Our Country’s Good’ at York Theater Royal, UK. Her West End credits include ‘Studs’ at The Soho Theater and ‘Red Devils’ at The Criterion Theater, Fabian in ‘Twelfth Night’ at The Tabard Theater and a leading role in ‘The Caucasian Chalk Circle’. She also featured in the new comedy ‘Forget Me Knot’ at The Courtyard Theater, London with Rolling Sky Productions. Janine played in a new British movie ‘Conversations’. In addition, she’s had leading roles in the movies ‘All or Nothing at All’, ‘Joe’s Knob’ and ‘Lesson’. She completed ‘The Test’ with Director Joel Chu at ETC Films, and then took the movie to Cannes Film Festival. Janine’s major commercial work was with ‘Nintendo Wii Fit Plus’ where she was publicized on all major TV channels, magazines and bill boards across the UK and Ireland. Being a SAG-AFTRA member, her most recent work includes a U.S National commercial for Disney and 3D Horror Movie ‘89101’. Janine’s new horror movie ‘The Closing’, has just been released and is now being taken to leading film festivals. Slated for theatrical release in the U.S and the U.K in 2016, Janine will take on the lead role of Sarah Adams in romantic comedy ‘Let’s Just Do It’, directed by Gene Fallaize. Janine is currently in Post-Production for thriller “F***, Marry, Kill” ,which she stared as the leading role of ‘Tiffany Forbes’. She is also the Executive Produced and writer for this movie. It is soon set to go to all the leading film festivals around the world. Janine has received many awards for her performing excellence over the last couple of years including: The Lilian Baylis Award Winner presented at The Old Vic, The Sir John Gielgud Bursary; The Lionel Bart Foundation Award and The Tim Rice Charitable Trust among others; and she has been The Spotlight Prize Nominee.