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The steel frame homes, or buildings.   Will be manufactured, at about 80%, completion.  In the factory in thailand and china.  And then shipped to their destinations globally.    The remaining assemble   on site, with local labor.  Construction is half the time, of standard build.   The foundation is poured, when the building is in transit or earlier.  So they can be assembled in a few weeks.  But initially, about 6 weeks until they ge accustomed.   

Our projects anticipate, that 100% of our energy needs.  Will be from a renewable green energy source.  This will be a, combination of on-site solar-lunar-hydro .   We have many shire-lunar-projects, including cryptocurrency, vehicles, and more……….

 SDE(SHIRE DISTRESSED E-COMMERCE)  For Companies that have closed their doors.  GONE OUT OF BUSINESS!    For example:  The Pacific Theatres, Archlight  Cinema, The Cheesecake Factory.   They may contact Us.   In exchange for Us, uploading their brand on Our SDE.   And Us driving traffic.  They will Provide Us A Budget they require, to reopen their doors.   We receive 10%, Ownership of their Business.

Companies that are in Business.  However are Bankrupt, or are having Other Financial Hardships.    In exchange for Them being On BACK IN BLACK.   They Give Us 35%, of The Revenue, BACK IN BLACK  Generates for them.

I AM(E-COMMERCE)  Consumer to Consumer   
Consumer to Consumer , Posting Products to Sell.   The Sellers undertake, their own Shipping to The Buyers.  Designating The Shipping Costs.  Separate from The Listing Price, Or Auction Price?     The Buyers, being responsible for, The Shipping Cost.   The Sellers can either, Decide An Auction Sale Pricing, Or Listed Price  for their Products?   Plus if there are, any taxes.    We  impose, a least expensive cost to Post Products for Sale.  By either, The Cost for The item?    Shire Receives  8 Percent, of The Selling Price.   Or A Yearly  Membership, of  $499.00 USD.

Healthly, yummy and innovative
Cannibis projects……mmm11111…..where is mine?

Contact us about Financial opportunities with Shire Productions LLC and Soul Films LLC
Financial Partnerships We Accept:    Investors, Sponsors, Watermark, Combined Merchandise & Currency, Product Integration, Endorsements, Commercial Advertising, Making Commercials For Your Brand, Product For Placement, Distribution, Donations.    We do not, consider Loans.